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First Aid Kits

it’s our vision to see first aider supplies in every home, workplace and vehicle. We’re taking steps to achieve this by providing first aiders with a range of affordable first aid supplies that are technologically advanced, reliable, easy to use and most importantly give them the ability to prepare for any emergency. First Aide, your first aid assistant.

At First Aide, we understand what a risk it is to step out into the world and have no idea what kinds of emergency situations could be waiting around the next corner. This doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for them though.

Being proactive and having a fully equipped first aid kit on standby will give you the ability to respond quickly, no matter the crisis, level of your experience, or whether an injury happens at home, work, on the road or while you’re out enjoying yourself.

Below is a comprehensive list of essential first aid kits that will make sure you’re always prepared and ready to treat a wide scope of minor and major injuries with minutes.

In our personal collection, you’ll find a variety of solutions developed to meet the first aid needs of a number of unique lifestyles. So whether you’re at home for the weekend, camping at the beach, travelling abroad or hiking in a remote location, we’ve got you covered.

Included in our workplace collections are over thirty different kits developed to meet the requirements of Australia-wide workplace compliance regulations, ensuring your business follows WHS guidelines and your staff has access to industry specific first aid supplies.

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